Keep pupils well clear

Should the East-the-Water Venn residential development be granted permission, it would impose considerable dangers to a great majority of children attending the primary school at the top of Torrington Lane.

All construction plant materials and associated services will sweep through Manteo Way, down through the narrow confines of Gammaton Road with all its present parking problems, and across the narrow junction in Gammaton Road to Torrington Lane, this being the only sensible crossing place for children from the Polyfields Estates.

Residents of Ayres Close and East Ridge View are aware of the considerable number of children that play in these areas unsupervised!

It is safe, as residents drive with suitable care through this area, although neighbours are always reporting near-misses.

Now put construction plant, wet steep roads into this situation. We will be inviting a tragedy.

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All the above traffic, parking restrictions and inherent danger to children can be overcome at a single stroke.

What is needed is a child-free access to this development area off Manteo Way as has been sensibly adopted by the other two residential sites [that have been built] off Manteo Way.

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Richard Lockwood


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