Keep green and carry on recycling

Councils urge residents to reduce the amount of waste they produce during the festive period

PEOPLE are being encouraged to keep thinking green and carry on recycling during the festive period.

At a time when routines are usually pushed to one side, North Devon Council and Torridge District Council are reminding residents to make the most of recycling services, as well as reduce the amount of waste they produce in the first place.

Torridge’s lead member for recycling, refuse collection and street cleaning, Councillor Chris Leather said: “We all know the slogan ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ and never is it more important than at Christmas time, when households tend to generate more waste than usual.

“Everyone can play their part by shopping smartly, cutting out unnecessary packaging and planning their festive meals. However, there’s so much more people can do, from buying rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones, to sending electronic Christmas cards.”

Amended kerbside collections will be operating across both districts over Christmas and New Year to deal with the extra rubbish that will inevitably be created over the festive period.

North Devon and Torridge’s joint head of works, recycling and operations, Ricky McCormack, said: “Residents are now, more than ever, able to recycle unwanted items and materials from the convenience of their kerbside.

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“So don’t forget you can recycle so much of your festive waste, including glass bottles, newspapers, aluminium foil and even the turkey bones from your Christmas dinner.”

For a list of what each district council can recycle at the kerbside, and when collections will take place over the festive period, including black bin/bag and green wheelie bin collections, visit or

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