Junction a hot spot for accidents

Barnstaple man witnessed bike accident only to suffer the same fate in identical spot four days later.

TWO Barnstaple men are calling for motorists to be more aware of cyclists after being involved in two separate but identical collisions in the space of four days.

Simon de Freyne-Martin was cycling to work at Actavis when he was involved in a collision with a car on the Barton Road junction of Whiddon Drive in Barnstaple on October 18.

His colleague Andy Thorne witnessed the accident – but did not expect four days later he would be involved in a similar collision in the same spot.

Mr Thorne, 41, said: “I was right behind Simon when the collision happened and said to people at work, a minute later and that could have been me.

“I didn’t think four days later it actually would be me.

“It was dark at the time so I had my lights on and high visibility clothing but the driver still didn’t seem to see me.

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“Luckily I wasn’t hurt and my bike was okay but when you’re lying in the road it’s quite scary.”

Mr de Freyne-Martin, 44, who suffered concussion and muscle injuries in the collision, called the junction a ‘complacent corner’.

He said: “There are no signs on the junction telling people to give way and people just pull out without looking because they’re in such a rush.

“There is a cycle path but it is not a continuous track and we’re not required to use it.”

Police and an ambulance attended the scene of the collision but no criminal prosecutions were made.

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