Jubilee street party inspires poem

Getting to know your neighbours was all part of the fun, writes Eleanor Newton

NORTH Devon Gazette reader Eleanor Newton from Northam was so moved by the success of the Cross Street jubilee party that she put pen to paper and wrote a poem to mark the occasion.

We met and gathered and all celebrated in style

Children paraded in costume and in style.

The weather was overcast and wet

But it made no difference when we all met

Neighbours came out contributing their bit

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Bunting hung above us as we did sit

Many hands for help arrived from up and down the street

A wonderful street party, an occasion for neighbours to meet

The gazebos were raised the tables beautifully laid down

Decorations were abundant and the Jubilee Queen was awarded crown!

I want to thank the Methodist Church on Cross Street

Where we were given an alternative place to meet

Face painting, nail painting, art and craft were available

Delicious cakes were made and set out upon the table

Houses were decorated, a real sight to see

As we all thoroughly enjoyed the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Prizes were awarded to the best dressed house and child

And prizes were awarded to the decorative cakes that had been styled

Children were called outside to eat

Delicious quantities of food laid out upon the street

Young families, teenagers, adults and the elderly

Were all brought together in one big celebratory

Nina from Raspberry Roots had organised the affair

An amazing events manager, not just good with hair!

An abundance of money was raised for the Harbour Charity

A refuge for the homeless, a place of security

Music played out, alighting each person’s mood

As well as the abundance of magnificent food

The children were then retreated to sit in the church pew

To watch Punch and Judy hosted by a fantastic crew

As I sat watching all the children’s and adults faces with delight

I thought this is what church is about and logged down in memory the sight

Many of the church parishioners came and gave freely their presence

Assisting in the background, I felt grateful for their essence

Chris spoke throughout the day, commentating on the event

His voice was amazing, a truly admirable gent!

As the Punch and Judy ended, we all met up again under the church door

And drew the raffle that raised money for Harbour

The prizes were fantastic and greatly received by everyone

Local businesses had been extremely generous to support us in our fun

We then moved on to tug of war – a hilarious scene to watch

Then adults took their turn locked into the stocks!

As time progressed and thank-yous were said to everyone involved

Many people stayed to assist tidying up, from young to old

The street was cleared and in my mind a picture will remain

Of Nina cycling up and down Cross Street in the rain!

How beautiful to spend this day getting to know our neighbour

I am grateful to the Queen for this day free of labour

Special occasions like this are so important for everyone

Breaking down barriers and promoting neighbourhood fun

Cross Street and the surrounding area is now setting up a committee

So we can all meet again like this annually!

So come on all of you wonderful neighbours in Northam and beyond

Join us next year in our gathering or create your own street bond.

Thank you Nina and to all those who assisted to organise this wonderful event

My family and I are extremely grateful for your time spent.

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