Jubilee Square damaged months after completion

Council to investigate what has caused the paving slabs to ‘sink’.

A NEWLY resurfaced square in Bideford has already had to undergo repairs after some of the slabs became damaged last week.

Devon County Council cordoned off an area of Jubilee Square after a number of the York stone paving slabs appeared to come loose.

Originally the square was to be paved with a pink-coloured rock called porphyry, but after a problem with the supplier, the York stone was chosen as a replacement.

Darryn Allsopp, of Radford’s Newsagents on the Quay, said he had given up complaining to the council about the project.

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He said: “If it’s been damaged this quickly, I should imagine it will happen again.

“The Square is already starting to look grubby because it’s a light-coloured stone.

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“For a touristy town, to put that in and make it our main square, well, personally I think it looks like a petrol forecourt.”

The project was jointly funded by Torridge District Council, Bideford Town Council, Devon County Council, the Bideford Bridge Trust and the Leader 4 programme.

Initially the cause was believed to be drivers mounting the Square, but a spokesman for Torridge District Council said one problem could be the wet weather had loosened the sand between the slabs.

Roger Johnson, deputy leader of Torridge, said: “We were made aware of the problem in Jubilee Square and were immediately in touch with the Highway Authority who have investigated the matter and have resolved it already.”

The stones were fixed on Friday a spokesman for Devon County Council said it would be investigating the cause of the damage.

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