Jolly time?

SIR - Opinion. That’s the new name for the letters page. Here’s mine:

Prince Wiliam has popped into Wimbledon for strawberries and champagne. This follows on from his lavish �20 million wedding at the taxpayers’ expense, but not his, a honeymoon at an exotic location, a showtime appearance at the Queen’s official birthday, ie not her birthday, followed by a “jolly” in Canada and soon a festive indulgence at the Queen’s 60th wedding anniversary celebrations.

When’s he going to do a day’s work? Prince Harry did a photoshoot in Afghanistan; whay can’t he?

The young lad is a Colonel in his regiment. He dressess in outrageously ostentatious uniform pinning medals on the chests of brave men who have risked life and limb for their country on the front line in a way he never has nor ever will. Why does he outrank them?

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. It is much worse here.

T P Gidman,


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The editor writes: Has Mr Gidman forgotten that Prince William works as a rescue helicopter pilot? Or perhaps he hasn’t, but it didn’t fit his argument.

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