Join the club, Ken!

I think Kenny Davis and his latter day Les Miserables, whose mindset ends at Dover, could do with a lesson on the foundation concerning the ethos of the all important order of the European Union and what it means to belong to the club.

His letter “We should ship out” (Opinion, June 19) was ill advised as it was informative, with all the hallmarks of a Little Englander attitude.

His sweeping statement: “Breaking away from the European convoy, splicing the main brace as we go.”

If Kenny Davis or anyone else came to study the course of our political life during the last four decades, the reader would be astonished to learn how much we have already gone down the road to European integration and, for that, well done to that great son of Europe, Edward Heath, and all his successors including the present prime minister.

They have guided Albion that has for so long been standing off the coast of our European home and (no matter what UKIP might say) a realm of our Carolingian destiny.

U Lion (Miss)

Chesyln Hay

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South Staffordshire

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