A sculpture of ‘man of Exmoor’ Johnny Kingdom has been unveiled in his home village of Bishops Nympton.

The bronze bust of the popular wildlife presenter was revealed at Bishops Nympton Parish Hall at an event attended by more than 200 people.

The bust was created by sculptor Vanessa Marston and organised by the parish hall committee in tribute to Johnny, who lost his life in September 2018.

The sculpture was unveiled by his wife Julie, accompanied by Vanessa.

Johnny's granddaughter Roxy Kingdom spoke of an occasion when she was with him and they saw a bronze - they thought it amusing when he wondered if anyone would ever do anything similar for him.

The community event to mark the unveiling was attended by children from Bishops Nympton Primary School who sang carols, while proceedings were directed by the Reverend Alastair Forman.

Councillor Eric Ley spoke fondly of Johnny's popularity and television appearances.