Jobs, what jobs?

Atlantic Array 'would not have brought jobs'.

Atlantic Array 'would not have brought jobs'. - Credit: Archant

The new group trying to resurrect the Atlantic Array offshore wind factory are banging on about the thousands of jobs which would be created for North Devon.

Having had little time to study the facts, they are obviously unaware that we would get as many jobs as we did at Fullabrook. None.

We do not have the skills base or companies with the equipment necessary for the construction, and we do not have a 24/7 deep water harbour which is absolutely essential for the construction and ongoing maintenance.

Crucially, npower never said they would provide this facility.

South Wales on the other hand, has deep water ports, motorway access and lots of available land, in stark contrast to Ilfracombe.

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So where do you think any work will go to – North Devon or South Wales? No prizes for guessing.

The double whammy is that tourist surveys in Woolacombe show that we could lose jobs as visitors go elsewhere.

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