It’s just greenwash

Like the Bishop of Exeter, S Jarvis (Gazette June 20) seeks to denigrate those who oppose wind turbines as a power source.

Had either of them bothered to do any research or attended any of the three packed meetings whose audiences of local people they insult, they would have quickly learnt that wind power is the least efficient, most unpredictable and the most costly form of so-called ‘green’ energy available.

It therefore requires a large subsidy in the form of the Feed In Tariff to make it economically viable. This is paid for by us through extra charges on our electricity bills, substantially raising the cost of living and driving ever more people into fuel poverty.

Thanks to government policy, the only people to profit are the (mostly foreign-owned) wind turbine industry and the land owners where turbines are sited, who have all climbed on the bonus culture and subsidy gravy train.

People from right across the political spectrum object to this needless rip-off by others who, for their own personal greed, wish to benefit financially from this grossly inefficient and redundant technology which causes more environmental damage than any benefit it can generate or justify.

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Wind power is greenwash and sadly, many people are seduced by it.

Jeremy Jessel

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East Putford

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