It’s a nanny state

David Glaholm relates his shocking experience at Stalag North Devon District Hospital.

Nurses have been seen caring for patients. Patients have been seen choosing how to live their lives for themselves. Whatever next?

Using his supreme observational faculties, he has noticed patients smoking outside with their nurse’s permission under a sign saying no one must smoke outside because we say so.

If I’d got nothing better to do with my life, I might have noticed it too.

Astute readers of the Opinion pages will remember that Maggie Thatcher, God bless her, soon brought in 250 overpaid managers in the 1980s to tell doctors how they should run their hospitals.

They spent literally thousands of millions of pounds on an integrated computer system that doesn’t work and never will, replaced caring cleaning staff with outsourced labour, and got rid of Matron, she who must be obeyed, from the hospital wards.

Money is, of course, much more important than care; that’s why they pay themselves so much.

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Now they want to tell nurses how to care and patients how to live.

The answer is obvious. No, don’t send them their P45s, just flash up ‘goodbye’ on their computer screens.

It’s the only thing they look at all day.

T P Gidman


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