It is a betrayal

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James Craigie (September 11) slams into the likes of Stephen Crowther and Michael Pagram who oppose the Atlantic Array, for having no regard for the opinions of their membership because most UKIP members and 65 per cent of all people support wind energy.

But it does not follow that the 65 per cent support all wind energy schemes everywhere! I support wind energy but I most strongly oppose the Atlantic Array.

As the North Devon Conservative candidate said: “This isn’t a massive movement against renewable energy. This is about the Atlantic Array being the wrong plan in the wrong place.”

It is the wrong place for many reasons.

Why not more protests?

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Aren’t the majority too busy? Many feel strongly about several causes, but even if we aren’t working full time and bringing up young families, by the time we’ve emailed MPs, ‘shared’ on Facebook, submitted a response to public consultations, and signed endless petitions, we may just not have time, energy, or money left to turn out for endless marches or public debates which probably won’t get us further.

For a long time, the message trickled from above has been: ‘it is going to happen’. And that’s what most of the electorate undoubtedly think... so ‘why bother?’.

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So those who should be shouting from the rooftops, councils and even several wildlife or conservation organisations, instead go cap in hand to grovel for a few crumbs of ‘mitigation’, a few crumbs from the rich man’s table.

It has been called a betrayal, and that’s what it is.

Robert Durrant


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