Is this idea too ‘flakey’?

Reading your report regarding Bideford’s Heywood roundabout and seeing the deckchair got me thinking somewhat.

First of all, whatever goes there would be good for the area, but one has to think about the safety side of things – meaning distraction to drivers – as its a very busy roundabout and people would not be taken away on a deckchair, it would a stretcher!

Also, one has to bear in mind about anyone trying to climb whatever’s there.

The design chosen would have to represent Appledore, Northam, Instow, Westward Ho! and Bideford – we all know that rowing, sailing and surfing are very popular in these areas.

So taking that all into consideration, and since we live by the sea, I suggest a giant plastic Hocking’s ice cream cornet with a big flake on top (yum yum).

Hopefully this idea should go down well with the public. It could even have windows in like a lighthouse lit up by night and signs pointing to different areas. It would be difficult for people to climb because of the shape but, yes, still a distraction.

Perhaps ideas from the public would be better? They will have to live with it.

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Graham Hobbs

(via email)

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