Is it as pictured?

We have all seen the nice artist’s impressions of what we are told will be built on Bideford’s Brunswick Wharf.

My concern is that once we have been sold these pretty pictures, will any one bother to check at the planning stage about what is being proposed?

I agree that the development of the wharf is what is needed to help towards the regeneration of the town, but before the council pats itself on the back, let’s take stock of the picture shown in the paper as the ‘proposed development’ includes a open public space which is in a covenant never to be built on (area adjacent to the building nearest the bridge and width of the railing adjoining the road).

Also in the picture are mature trees on the river bank (not small saplings that can be vandalised). It shows extensive pontoons accessed from a ramp from the quayside (very pretty but not very practical given they would have less than one meter or no water for an average of 20 hours a day unless dredging took place).

The Environment Agency has made it very clear in the past there will be no dredging of that bank because of the contaminants contained within it, industrial run off and phosphates from farmers’ fields.

The Environment Agency claims this could seriously affect the delicate eco-system of our river, which is in a better condition than it has been for a long time.

I am yet to hear how Torridge is expecting the developer to handle the parking. There are currently 124 parking spaces generating income.

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Parking is a issue in lower East-the-Water; on the sharp bend entering the town there are always cars hindering the traffic. It will be interesting to see how the development is going to handle the situation without reducing public parking.

This could lead to more on-road parking, which is, according to Devon highways, already at a dangerously high level.

This aside, I wholeheartedly support the development. I just for once want us the public to get what we are shown.

Please, everyone, let’s push our councillors for public consultation.

Mr S Hall


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