Members of Barnstaple’s Soroptimist group were giving out roses to women to mark International Women’s Day on Thursday (March 7).

The women of Soroptimist International gave away 100 roses to women in Barnstaple High Street.

Irene Hockin, of the Barnstaple and District Group, said the responses were ‘heartening’ and that is was a ‘very rewarding experience’.

“I decided on what we did because, although there are stories all the time on ‘inspirational’ women, most women are special in their own way,” she said.

“The stories from women to whom we gave the roses were all very meaningful.

“One was going to put it beside the photo of a recently passed loved one, another was a full time carer for an old lady, and was taking the rose to her.

“One lady was throwing her flower into the sea today, on the anniversary of a relative’s death, and one young man, who was hovering around, plucked up the courage to ask for one for his wife.”

This year the group’s theme is mental health and Ms Hockin added: “The giving out of these roses, kindly donated, certainly had an impact on how we felt yesterday.”