Instow dog row in for ‘ruff’ meeting?

Please stand on head: 'Topsy turvy information' on Instow notice board today.

Please stand on head: 'Topsy turvy information' on Instow notice board today. - Credit: Archant

‘Topsy turvy’ information? Instow Parish Hall is now venue for tonight’s beach meeting.

INSTOW councillors will tonight (Wednesday) hear determined opposition from dog walkers who say they are fighting for the right to take their dogs on the beach.

The parish council is this afternoon holding a 4-7pm drop in event at All Saints Hall in the village to ask people for their views on the cleanliness of the beach and also whether access for dogs should be restricted.

A public meeting at Instow Parish Hall will follow at 7pm to look at proposals restricting dogs on part of the beach during the summer months and whether they should be kept on a lead.

The meeting will also hear a debate on how the beach cleaning is to be carried out, prior to the cleaning contract going out to tender.

The Parish Hall was put on stand by as an alternative venue in case of large numbers, but critics of the proposals have claimed the consultation event and meeting was not properly advertised, with the larger hall only decided upon at the last minute.

A council spokesman told the Gazette on Friday that posters had been placed around the parish and that the details were on the Instow Parish Council page of the Instow website.

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Earlier today, dog walker Wendy Hilling, whose assistance dog Teddy is well known in the area, sent us the above picture of the council’s meeting notice placed upside down inside the locked notice board.

In statement on Monday, the council said the beach cleaning contract was due for renewal, and it had agreed residents should be consulted on how the cleaning is to be carried out.

It said several families with young children had commented they would not go to the beach ‘because of the number of dogs on the beach, some of which worry their children’.

The council leases the beach from the Quay area to Lane End from the Crown Estate and pays £6,000 for the beach to be cleaned. The rest belongs to Christie Estates.

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