A meeting about dogs on Instow Beach ended in disarray last night (Monday).

The Instow Parish Council meeting was set to consider wording of new signs for a beach-sharing code of conduct, which would ask people to keep dogs off a stretch of the beach during the summer months.

The idea is dogs would not be allowed on the stretch between the Quay and Lane End Road between May 1 and September 30.

Using a survey in which three quarters of those questioned were in favour of more control over dogs on the beach, the council had already agreed in principle to set up the code of conduct.

But last night the new signs were not signed off after the large audience in attendance made things difficult.

A packed hall was told people would not be allowed to speak, but constant comments prevented the councillors from continuing and the decision was taken to close the meeting shortly after.

This was an extra ordinary meeting scheduled after councillors could not agree on the wording of the signs at April’s meeting, which ran over time.

Planning issues not dealt with at the previous meeting were also on the agenda but not discussed.