Inspired by shop swaps

FOLLOWING her family’s visit to Second Life Toys and Swap Shop in Torrington Pannier Market, Gazette reader Eleanor Newton was inspired to write the following poem:

After a long holiday and money being tight, my husband took the children for a day in Great Torrington for their delight.

They have all seemed to have grown over the summer in leaps and bounds, and were after more toys to develop their crown.

My beautiful three children filled with glee, went to the Torridge Swap Shop to swap their toys eagerly.

Filled with excitement, all old toys packed up in a bag, they went to the counter to find out the price tag.

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Easily leaving their past toys behind, with a balance to spend they went off to see what they could find.

An endearing dad with great kindness and integrity, took time to look through their goods attentively.

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He politely explained what goods he could sell on, and allowed them time to purchase anon.

They returned home enthused with happiness and energy, straight to their rooms to unload their goods tenderly.

One daughter purchased beautiful clothes for her baby, and the other purchased characters from Disney.

My little boy, only two, swapped cars and purchased ones that looked new.

They were given a credit and total free rein, and the toys being secondhand were of an affordable frame.

My children used their mathematical skills, whilst totting up their new purchases at the till.

What a wonderful idea – I felt full of gratitude for this gentleman and his idea, taking recycling to a new sphere.

Teaching the young to pass their goods along, and providing a source of prosperity for those on low income.

I pray that with this poem those in a similar disposition, can take heed from this man in their position?

And provide a vicinity for those in need too, to release old toys and gain new?

Why not expand this idea further still, and let charity shops operate along this will?

I would like to pass on my thanks on behalf of my family, to this kind-hearted gentleman acting with such integrity.

Eleanor Newton

(via email)

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