Infringement of liberty

SIR - The dog awoke, he stood, inhaled Life s eternal birth It trembled in his very loins He knows what he is worth The human rose in sleepy haste Fumbling with his clothes Now working like a clockwork dog Is this the life he chose? In many ways, dog

SIR - The dog awoke, he stood, inhaledLife's eternal birthIt trembled in his very loinsHe knows what he is worthThe human rose in sleepy hasteFumbling with his clothesNow working like a clockwork dogIs this the life he chose?In many ways, dogs teach us a great deal about how we should be as human beings. They are loyal and faithful in friendship; they are deep listeners, and they empathise with your every feeling. They also exercise the overweight.Certainly, there are a few irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up their dog poo, or worse, leave the plastic bags on the Burrows. However, when you consider the volume of litter, drunkenness, vomit and pollution that so-called 'homo sapiens' is responsible for, these things pale into insignificance.I do wish the timid and anxious anti- dog brigade would find the courage to let themselves off the lead, and run around our parks and beaches smiling and talking to one another! If this draconian proposal to keep all dogs on leads in Torridge becomes a bye-law, I will invite every "free range" person to join me with their dog for "walkies'"through Bideford to the council offices. There we shall protest vigorously against this latest infringement, not just of human liberty, but of the liberty of man's best friend. Please feel free to phone me on (01237) 424886 or email Jeremy Bell

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