In ‘the altogether’...

SIR - your reader Lesley Cleary put several interesting alternative views to several letters featured in your August issue 8, mine amongst them.

She makes her point early on regarding Verity: ‘love it, hate it, you can’t ignore it’.

Precisely! There are, it would seem sufficient local people who are aghast at the prospect of a large naked, pregnant lady with half her insides hanging out in a public place, particularly as public as Ilfracombe Harbour, to merit an automatic veto from the local council.

Would they be so keen to acquire this ‘work of art’ if they had to pay for it? Or worse still if the council tax payers had to foot the bill?

Furthermore who pays for its upkeep and who will patrol the razor wire to keep idiots and pranksters off it? I have nothing against Mr Hirst’s works, he has made a tidy living out of making statements. Undoubtedly there are people who appreciate this sort of thing; they go to museums where things like this belong, not plonked down the end of the street.

Well, fast forward 20 years. The lease period is up, our current art loving ‘put up what you like’ councillors are long gone. Their successors, mind you, now have the task of deciding what to do with this edifice.

Do they hand it back to Mr Hirst? Do they purchase it for future generations of voyeurs to gawp at or do they turn a blind eye to a bunch of foreigners sneaking into the harbour and pinching it for scrap? What a legacy to hand on to your successors, ladies and gentleman of the council.

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As for Lesley Cleary’s assertions about the Landmark Theatre and the Hydro development well, she is entitled to her opinion.

I have always thought the business of councils and local authorities was to provide basic and statutory municipal services and leave the joys of indulging in follies to private individuals with time, money and nothing better to do.

Clearly Verity and of course Jubilee Square in Bideford (erected just in time to miss the Jubilee) are proving me wrong so let’s have a rousing chorus: ‘The King is in the altogether, the altogether, the altogether etc, etc’.

David Harris, Riverside Court, Bideford.

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