It follows a North Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee meeting today (Tuesday)

Upgrades to Cedars Roundabout could be agreed by Devon County Council (DCC) in March.

A special meeting of North Devon’s Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) took place today (Tuesday) to discuss the roundabout.

While no clear resolution is in place for the junction yet, a full report with a recommendation is likely to be presented in March.

Among a number of schemes the council has looked at is one for a new pedestrian crossing to be placed before the roundabout as traffic comes from Roundswell.

Councillor Frank Biederman said the inclusion of such a plan would allow more people to walk to school each morning, as well as reduce traffic waiting to enter Barnstaple from Bickington.

Speaking in the meeting, he said: “With the volume of planning applications coming, Barnstaple is heading for gridlock and whatever we do will not solve all the problems.

“In my ward we are almost a permanent car park. Usually with roundabouts there’s a natural calming as traffic goes off in each direction.

“The problem with the Cedars roundabout is no one comes out of Barnstaple to head towards Fremington – everybody is coming into Barnstaple.”

A wider scheme for traffic management around Barnstaple is scheduled for spring next year, but Cllr Biederman said issues around the roundabout needed to be taken on their own.

A DCC spokesman said: “The delays at the roundabout are mainly caused by exit blocking as a result of high demand in the morning peak from Roundswell and Bickington, combined with slow moving traffic east of the junction on the A3125 into town.

“A number of options for junction improvements have been prepared to reduce delays from Bickington and views are now being sought from local members.”