New book out this week uncovers history of the River Torridge, and will be officially launched at Appledore Book Festival.

A writer who grew up in Bideford has written a book about the history of the Torridge River.

Tales of the Torridge by Pauline Smith includes 10 illustrated stories with photographs and illustrations.

Pauline, 62, who now lives in Brittany, hopes the book will encourage people to learn more about the maritime history and achievements of the Torridge.

Although she no longer lives in North Devon, she said: “Your heart never leaves Torridge and my roots will never be torn up.”

Pauline was born in the Grenville Nursing Home in Meddon Street and attended St. Mary’s C of E Infant School.

She later attended Edgehill Girls’ College before she left for London at age 19.

When Pauline returned the late Reverend Alan Fleetwood asked her to write about the maritime history of Bideford.

But Pauline soon realised that the enormity of the task was too large and admitted her defeat.

She rediscovered her notes 28 years later and completed the book over the next seven years.

Pauline said “Torridge is an area of outstanding, sometimes unique, achievements in English maritime history.

“I wanted to put local people and visitors in touch with these by giving a voice to those who lived and worked here – to try and see, feel, smell and hear what it might have been like to do that five hundred years ago or more.”

Tales of the Torridge was out to buy on Tuesday but will be launched on October 3 at the Appledore Book Festival.