Ceridwen Jones says she has been trapped in her home since Christmas before of a dispute over getting her mobility scooter in and out

A terminally ill Ilfracombe woman says she is trapped in her own home because of a dispute over access.

Ceridwen Jones, 78, has terminal lung disease and wants to be able to enjoy short trips around the harbour on her mobility scooter in whatever time she has left.

But she can't get her scooter over two small steps between her front door and the pavement and she says up to now, landlord North Devon Homes has refused to allow any alterations.

However the Gazette has spoken to the housing association and it appears there may have been some misunderstanding.

The charity said it had previously been asked if she could store her scooter in the communal space outside the flat and make alterations to the safety railings, something it could not allow because of fire and safety regulations.

Now it is speaking to her again to try and resolve the issue.

Mrs Jones told the Gazette she had been stuck in her home since Christmas because she was unable to lift her scooter over the small steps.

The Ilfracombe resident of 63 years has fibrous lungs and severe emphysema and is on permanent oxygen. She is receiving support from North Devon Hospice.

She said: "When I was diagnose din 2015 I ended up in hospital with pneumonia and got over that but just went downhill from there quite quickly.

"I try to stay optimistic but I just want to get out and have some freedom. I only want access, I need a ramp on the wooden step and a ramp on to the pavement, then I can drive straight in.

"I had my councillor on to them and the hospice nurse called them - surely I have a right to go out if I want and some quality of life before I go?"

Mrs Jones is grandmother of Christi Kelly - Belle to most - who died in Kenya of Malaria in 2014 and the inspiration for Belle's Place youth café.

She lost her other granddaughter to cancer and her husband Albert Schiller - a long-serving lifeboat crewman - died in 1978.

North Devon Homes told the Gazette: "Today, you have made us aware that Mrs Jones is keen to undertake alterations to the shared entrance path to allow her to store the scooter inside of her own flat.

"We have made contact with Mrs Jones to understand this more fully and to see if we can offer any further advice."