A holidaymaker was swept off her feet after a magical sunset proposal surrounded by dolphins on board an Ilfracombe Sea Safari boat trip.

Lucinda, Danny, Dylan and Ethan on Sea Swift. Picture: Tom BurtonLucinda, Danny, Dylan and Ethan on Sea Swift. Picture: Tom Burton

The surprise proposal was planned by Danny James, 28, who sprang it on his girlfriend Lucinda Plasted, 26 while they were on a sunset cruise on board the company's new catamaran Sea Swift.

The Oxfordshire couple visit the area every year and often take trips with Ilfracombe Sea Safari, but this time Mr James had wedding bells in mind.

He had been in contact with Ilfracombe Sea Safari two weeks before the annual trip and asked if they could help with finding the perfect location for the proposal.

Mr James said: "We did two trips, but myself and the guys were planning an extra experience of my own, where I could propose to my lovely new fiancé."

Miss Plasted said: "I remember when I got there everyone was extra smiley and now I think about it, it makes more sense, because they were all in on it.

"Danny was with the skipper Benjamin in the cabin, I had no idea what was going on, I was with my children Dylan and Ethan on the deck.

"We had never seen any dolphins - even though we had been on several trips - but this time we did, so I was a bit blown away and I wasn't paying much attention, then I turned around and he was on one knee."

Owner of Ilfracombe Sea Safari, Paul Hutchings said: "It was the first proposal to happen on our new catamaran.

"Danny had messaged us his plan a couple weeks before and when he got here he was as white as a ghost but was smiling a lot."

Mr James said: "I was more than nervous but Ben and Tom the deckhand did everything they could.

"Ben found an amazing spot on the sunset, everything just worked out so well."

Onlookers on the other boats nearby all joined in celebration with the happy couple as the skippers started beeping their horns and clapping.

Miss Plasted said: "I just remember the sea being lit up orange, and then Benjamin came out with a bottle of Prosecco and a card for us, which just made it even more special."