The 14th century building on Lantern Hill has now got windows - or has it? Read more about the art of illusion used on this landmark here...

The art of illusion has been used to ensure an Ilfracombe attraction looks its best during the winter months.

Imitation windows have been painted on to the harbourside shutters of St Nicholas’ Chapel on Lantern Hill to give life to the 14th century building during its closed season.

The simple but effective idea was suggested by part time custodian Martin Cassini, who joined the 14th century chapel’s team of volunteers last year.

“A couple of weeks ago I was dismayed to see the windows boarded up,” he said.

“In particular, the boards facing the harbour were oil-stained and turned the Grade I listed jewel in Ilfracombe’s crown into something resembling a semi-derelict hovel.”

The building is owned by North Devon Council but managed by Ilfracombe Rotary Club and Martin took his suggestion to chapel committee chairman Ian Stuart.

Ian and the committee thought it was a good idea and authorised Martin to commission Ilfracombe signwriter Jim Campbell to do the work.