Ilfracombe Rotary Club is branching out by offering new corporate membership for the first time.

The club is now offering membership for businesses and groups and has forged links with Ilfracombe Academy, which has become the first corporate member in North Devon.

The Rotary Club is dedicated to supporting lasting change in the community and takes action with sustainable projects.

The Ilfracombe club has already developed links with the Academy through the Rotary's Youth opportunities which include young chef, youth speaks, young photographer and young writer.

President of the club, Pam Cox said: "We are strongly rooted within our own communities but have a global outlook."

Ilfracombe Academy's membership will allow them to access the benefits of Rotary's global expertise and give back to the local community.

She added: "We are ready to turn our ideas and vision into lasting change by creating opportunities and supporting those who need it most."

Now the process of corporate memberships is underway, Rotary aims to approach other local businesses, organisations and schools and give them the same opportunity as it has with Ilfracombe Academy.