They crossed the Bristol Channel to assist The Mumbles RNLI after three boats got into difficulty in Oxwich Bay

Ilfracombe's all-weather lifeboat came to the aid of three boats in difficulty in Oxwich Bay on Thursday evening, June 27.

The RNLI volunteers launched the Shannon class boat at about 6pm and crossed the Bristol Channel to help their counterparts from The Mumbles with the rescue operation off the Gower peninsula.

A motor cruiser and two yachts were in difficulties in rough conditions with waves up to three metres high. The cruiser had hydraulic problems, one of the yachts could not be steered because of a fault with its rudder, and the crew of the second yacht were suffering from seasickness.

The Ilfracombe volunteers took the two seasick crew on board their lifeboat and towed the other yacht back to Swansea Marina. The crew from The Mumbles dealt with the other boats. The Ilfracombe lifeboat arrived back at the station at about 10.45pm.

RNLI Ilfracombe Coxwain Andrew Bengey said: "What this incident demonstrated was the importance of looking at the forecast before taking a boat out to check whether the conditions are suitable.

"Whatever the weather, it is also important for people going sailing to bring flares and VHF radios so that if they do get into trouble, they are able to call for help.

"Fortunately everything ended well last night and it was nice to get to work with our flank station The Mumbles."