Ilfracombe man’s station drama

Former Ilfracombe man leaps off railway track to save injured woman.

A former Ilfracombe man has modestly dismissed his heroics after jumping off a London railway platform to save an injured woman.

Paul Richardson, whose family owns Richardson’s Newsagent in the town, was at London Bridge Station during the morning rush hour on Tuesday of last week when the woman fell onto the tracks, only two or three minutes before the next train.

The social media manager did not hesitate in joining three other men in jumping down to rescue her before a far worse tragedy occurred.

“It was 8.30am rush hour with hundreds of people going to work,” he told the Gazette after a friend had told us of his selfless act.

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“About 10 people saw the lady stumble through the crowd and slip off the edge. She went face first and smashed into the ground – her face was badly injured and she was in a great deal of pain.”

Although the next train was due in a few minutes, the rescuers had one scary moment when a train appeared to be heading straight for them, before veering off to an adjoining platform.

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Railway staff arrived and they managed to get the casualty to one side of the tracks until she could be treated and taken to hospital by ambulance service paramedics.

Paul has remained modest about his part in the drama and could not understand what the fuss was about:

“I’ve been in an incident before where I needed a bit of help and somewhere helped me, so you just don’t think, you do it,” he said.

“She obviously needed help and so we went and got her.”

Find out more about Paul’s experience on Twitter via @pablotime.

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