A former burglar has denied raping a woman who got out of her bath to find her in his home and said she invited him in.

Ross Wyborn said he met the young mother at a night club and she had used Snapchat to ask him round to her home where they took drugs and had sex.

Wyborn had only been out of prison for just over five weeks when he allegedly broke into the house and raped the woman, who got out of the bath naked after hearing noises on the landing outside.

She has told Exeter Crown Court that she was confronted by a complete stranger who forced her to have sex with him while she was naked but for a towel.

The young mother said the noise of the confrontation woke her young daughter who came out of a bedroom but was shoved back inside violently by Wyborn before he resumed the sex attack.

Wyborn, aged 25, of Fore Street, Ilfracombe, denies two counts of rape, assault by penetration, and a count of assault by battery of the child.

She was not able to identify him at the time but he was arrested three months later when a friend found an image on Facebook which matched his description. Police got DNA back from the crime scene at around the same time which also identified him.

Wyborn gave police interviews in which he changed his story twice. In the first, he said he did not know the woman and had never been to her house.

In the second, he claimed he did know her and that he had paid her for oral sex after meeting her in a pub in Ilfracombe and going to Capstone.

He told the jury at his trial that neither of these accounts was correct and in fact he had met the woman in pubs and clubs before he was sent to prison for burglary in 2016.

He said they stayed in contact by Snapchat through illegally held phones while in prison and they started meeting after his release on April 12 last year.

He said he had been to her house to share cocaine and cannabis and have sex on two or three occasions before the alleged rape on the night of May 20, 2019.

Wyborn told the jury she contacted him by Snapchat late that night and invited him over to her home where she let him in and joined him on a sofa in the living room.

He said: "I was a bit high. I had been smoking some weed and sniffing cocaine. She messaged me on Snapchat and asked me if I fancied coming round.

"I got there about midnight. She was wearing a dressing gown. I did not go upstairs at all and did not know her daughter was up there.

"We sniffed some cocaine and smoked a couple of spliffs and chatted. We started to kiss. It was her idea.

"Afterwards, we sniffed a couple more lines and smoked a bit more. She had a few tokes of my spliff and then I left and said goodbye. She was fine and said she'd see me later. I have no doubt she consented."

He said he lied to police because he feared he would be recalled to prison if he told the truth. He said he did not withhold the PIN number from the police deliberately but refused to disclose it in court.

The trial continues.