Teenager cut off by the tide on rocks behind Capstone.

ILFRACOMBE inshore lifeboat crew helped a Spanish student exchange the rocks for the safety oi dry land after they were cut off by the tide behind Capstone yesterday (Sunday) evening.

The Deborah Brown II was called out at about 5pm and arriving at the scene found fire fighters preparing to mount a cliff rescue from the land. The lifeboat crew came alongside the teenager and a crew member helped the young person inside.

They returned to the lifeboat station, where the casualty, who was no worse for wear for the incident, was happy to be returned to dry land.

Ben Langham, volunteer crew member for Ilfracombe RNLI, was one of the crew members on board the lifeboat: “The beautiful weather we’ve been having lately has meant that many people are taking advantage of the beautiful coastline,” he said.

“We encourage anyone who is spending any time by the sea to check out the time and depth of high tide, when beaches and rocks can become swallowed by the water.

“Should anyone see someone they believe is in trouble, please do contact the coastguard by dialling 999 or 112.”