Ilfracombe Lifeboat Station has officially received a new launch vehicle for its inshore lifeboat thanks to a generous donation.

The new TroolTrak has now seen three live shouts and today (Friday) was officially named the Denny Booker in memory of a former crew member.

His wife Heather has donated the cost of the vehicle to the RNLI in his memory and was at the station for the naming ceremony.

Denny, who died in 2013, was described as an ‘innovative engineer’ who worked as a full-time engineer on Ilfracombe lifeboat in the 1970s and served as a crew member on the Lloyds II lifeboat.

Leigh Hanks, helmsman for the Deborah Brown II inshore lifeboat, said: “Denny Booker is a wonderful addition to our fleet, and we are very grateful to Heather for donating the funding in Denny’s name.”

The Denny Booker’s most notable action to date was launching the Deborah Brown II to the assistance of anglers cut off at Broadsands by the tide in January.