Ilfracombe residents are being encouraged to ‘love their loo’ by South West Water

Residents in Ilfracombe are being reminded what they can and can’t flush down the toilet.

South West Water is launching its Love Your Loo campaign in the town to try and stop people from flushing inappropriate material.

They say parts of Ilfracombe have a history of sewer blockages and flooding, which can be caused by flushing baby, hygiene and cleaning wipes, as well as cleansing pads and sanitary products.

Love Your Loo advisers will be talking to customers and spreading the message: only the three P’s – paper, pee and poo – can be flushed.

South West Water’s Becky Moran said misleading packaging means unsuitable products are disposed of down the toilet.

She added: “Many products say they are flushable and biodegradable – but they take so long to break down that they build up in pipes and cause blockages.

“We are working with the rest of the water industry to encourage manufacturers and retailers to label their products responsibly.

“In the meantime, our customers told us they think it’s our job to tell them what can and can’t be flushed – so that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.”