People in Ilfracombe are being invited to work up an appetite for their roast turkey with a Christmas Day Dip at the harbour for the RNLI.

The event is being organised by experienced open water swimmer Tessa McLean with help from harbourmaster Georgina Carlo-Paat and a group of volunteer kayakers.

Tessa loves open water swimming, all year around and in the sea, lakes and rivers, so was disappointed when she moved to Ilfracombe to learn there wasn't a Christmas Day swimming tradition.

After finding out that swimming in the harbour is not allowed Tessa had a meeting with Captain Carlo-Paat who helped her with a risk assessment for the event and has given permission for it to go ahead.

The event this Christmas Day starts with a safety briefing at 9.45am followed by everyone running into the water at 10am.

Everyone taking part will be invited to donate at least £5 per person for the RNLI.

Some less hardy souls are likely to run straight back out, but those who want to swim can do so with a safety cordon provided by the kayakers.

Fancy dress is very welcome.

To find out more, visit the Ilfracombe Christmas Day Dip for the RNLI Facebook page.