Ilfracombe bicycle made for four...

ILFRACOMBE teenagers Joel Edwards and Duncan Rudlin, aged 13, thought they would do something slightly different for the occasion and created a quadruple bicycle by bolting four bikes together.

The unwieldy appearing mode of transport actually works once the lads had put in a bit of practice and Joel and Duncan continue to refine their design.

The Ilfracombe Arts College students spend a great deal of time in Joel’s grandfather Paul Goldring’s garage, who said the lads are always busy working on something new and continuing to refine their bicycle.

“No one had ever done it before,” said Joel.

“It was hard to control at first but no we’re getting the hang of it and everyone we go past stops to look, they can’t believe their eyes!”

The pair also hope to enter their bike in Ilfracombe Carnival this August.

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