Ilfracombe arch is not in ‘wrong place’

FEARS the new decorative arch at the top of Fore Street in Ilfracombe is in “the wrong place” have proved inaccurate.

A rumour had started going around the town that the arch, which currently has one “foot” on the pavement and one in the street, had been placed wrong and would have to be moved.

But Sally Nelson from the North Devon Plus Joint Delivery Team, which has led the public realm project to link High Street and harbour, said there were no problems with the position of the arch.

She said it was six metres further down the road than originally planned, because the works team had discovered telecommunications cables at the proposed location that hadn’t been shown on any plans.

“When they started digging they found the low voltage cables, so it is in a different position to originally proposed as they had to find a gap further down,” she said.

“As for it being ‘in the road,’ Devon County Council Highways are going to build the pavement out to meet the arch. The work is expected to be carried out in the near future and it will take place overnight to avoid disruption to traffic.”

Decorative banners, similar to those that had adorned lampposts in the town, should be added to either side of the archway this week.

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“It seems to be really popular and generally people seem to love it,” added Sally.

“At a meeting to discuss the public realm work at the bottom of Fore Street, occupiers asked if they could have an arch at the bottom too!

“But we’re looking to consider something different at the bottom of the street to draw people from the harbour to the High Street, possibly lighting or a different kind of public art, for example.”

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