I lived in Taw Vale

In his letter “It wasn’t just me...” (Opinion, February 27) Councillor Brian Greenslade suggests that because I live in Ilfracombe I shouldn’t have views on the Taw Vale situation.

I moved to Ilfracombe six years ago to be closer to work. Before then I lived in Taw Vale for four years as a tenant of Karen Laird who supported the closure and gets a mention in other letters in this issue.

Before that, I lived in Newport Road next to the Ganges Restaurant, another part of Barnstaple that was blighted by diverting traffic away.

Admittedly Taw Vale was closed to traffic after I moved, but as Robin Harman says in his letter, not only is Taw Vale wide, it has an unusually wide pavement beside the river wall complete with cycle lane.

It would become congested in the rush hours, but with the opening of the new bridge much of that traffic has been diverted around the town centre.

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Sorry Karen, I think being able to sit on your balcony above a traffic-free Taw Vale is expecting too much – the return of some traffic won’t spoil your view of the river and the leisure centre.

Tony Olsson

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