Sleep expert’s top tips to avoid being down for the count.

Those who want to seek every last drop out of the election face a long and sleepless night.

Independent sleep expert Neil Stanley has given some tips on how to keep your eyes open from start to finish of the election day excitement.

"What you can't do is bank sleep" he said.

According to the expert, unless you manage to get a couple of hours of sleep from around 9pm, there is no point in trying to get some kip during the day.

He added: "Sleep is not like money, you can't bank it and you can't withdraw it."

And you most certainly shouldn't snuggle up with your duvet on the night Mr Stanley warned.

"Sit in bright light and don't cosy up on the settee and put blankets on you. It's going to be a lot harder if you do."

Rather than wire yourself to a constant coffee drip, tea is the beverage of choice for Mr Stanley.

He added it's "nice and warming" and won't fill you with too much caffeine.

If all else fails, he added, the process of getting up and making a cup of tea only to go to the bathroom a while later will keep you awake.

But stay away from alcohol the expert advised.

"Alcohol works in the same way as sleeping tablets. Save the bottle of champagne for if your party wins."

Don't go rustling too far into the treat cupboard, a hearty digestive biscuit and a few slices of toast are sufficient to keep you going throughout the night.

"It's about feeling as good as possible. You will get hungry but you don't want to be snacking through the night. It's not going to make you feel very well because you don't usually eat during the night."

Mr Stanley advised to open your curtains 30 minutes before the sun rises to slowly introduce the 'blue light' into the room which helps to wake you up.

Make sure you next day is as clear as possible and avoid driving the expert warned.

"24 hours lack of sleep is as dangerous as if you had four pints of beer.

"Don't expect to do anything too intelligent the following day."

And of course make sure you are awake for when the final result is announced on Friday morning.

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