Whether you’re working from home or surviving lockdown by streaming your favourite films, one thing is for sure: you need a good internet connection. But what if your landline broadband connection is painfully slow?

4G broadband is ideal for properties in rural areas. Picture: Getty Images4G broadband is ideal for properties in rural areas. Picture: Getty Images

It’s well worth seeing if 4G broadband could provide you with the perfect solution. 4G coverage has expanded rapidly in the last five years. David Hennell, Business Development Director at specialist internet service provider 4G Internet, explains why 4G could be the solution to nigh on instantly improving the broadband speed of homeowners in rural areas across the UK.

Q: What is 4G broadband and how does it work?

A: 4G broadband is just like regular broadband: it provides a home or business with an internet connection for all of your devices, and you pay a monthly fee for it.

The key difference is in the way it is delivered. Regular internet runs through cables, whereas 4G broadband runs off masts on the mobile networks, just like your mobile phone.

Q: Who is it suitable for?

A: 4G is particularly ideal for those living in rural areas that have no access to fibre-based broadband. A lot of areas in the UK are still waiting to have fibre cables installed, and the unfortunate likelihood is that this may take years to happen - if it ever does. Big companies will only install fibre in what they deem to be large catchment areas. This means, if you live in an area with fewer or more widely scattered properties, you may well be stuck with frustratingly slow broadband for a very long time.

But this is no longer a problem. 4G broadband can now be supplied to almost any location within the UK - and what’s more, almost immediately as well.

Q: I’ve got poor 4G signal on my phone at home – will I still be able to get a good 4G broadband service?

An antenna can be installed on the outside of your property if necessary to give you better 4G coverage. Picture: Getty ImagesAn antenna can be installed on the outside of your property if necessary to give you better 4G coverage. Picture: Getty Images

A: In the vast majority of cases, absolutely yes. Even if the 4G reception on your phone isn’t great where you are, we should still be able to provide you with 4G-powered internet at your home. Remember, mobile phones only have small and relatively weak internal antennas designed for when you’re on the move. So, if we assess your location and conclude that you have low 4G coverage, we will send an experienced engineer to install a high gain external antenna. This latches onto available 4G signals and boosts them, providing your property with the necessary internet connection.

Walls inside your property may also block 4G signals. The antenna we use for your home internet is attached outside, it’s high gain and carefully aligned towards the strongest 4G mast.

If that sounds a little confusing, think about it this way. If you try tuning in a TV with a small, indoor antenna, you probably won’t have much luck, but with a larger, effectively positioned, external one, you’re good to go. The same applies to 4G-delivered broadband.

Q: Why is now a good time to look at your broadband options?

A: These days, having a good internet connection is becoming more and more important. Ultimately, everyone now needs good broadband - it’s effectively the fourth utility. So much of life is spent online; whether you’re online shopping, filling in your tax return, or watching iPlayer, Netflix or other on-demand TV.

On top of this, you’ve got the current pandemic. People are working from home, and keeping in touch with loved ones via video call – neither of which is possible without a good connection.

Ofcom estimates that there are well over 500,000 UK properties that are massively disadvantaged by not having good broadband. We want people to know that there are already solutions available right now – such as our 4G broadband – to remedy this. What’s more, the results can be genuinely life-changing – just see some of the real-world comments left on Trust Pilot.

Q: How are you installing 4G broadband in homes during coronavirus?

A: We’re still operating during the lockdown, but of course following all government guidelines. In fact, we’ve seen a rapid rise in business since March, because it’s become even more painfully obvious that people need decent broadband, and quickly.

And for complete piece of mind, if you’re still not sure 4G is for you, we have a no-quibble money back guarantee. If you’re not happy after the first 14 days following installation, all you have to do is get in touch. We’ll cancel your contract immediately, and refund you all costs.

Visit www.4g-internet.co.uk for more information. Call 03333 447700 or sales@4g-internet.co.uk.