Are you a Christmas connoisseur? A festive fiend? or a Noel-it-all? Then put your knowledge to the test with a quiz written by a Trivial Pursuit quizmaster.

Brian Highley, formerly of Newton Poppleford, spent 25 years writing for the well loved family game, as well as a writer for the satirical show Spitting Image.

Last year, the 74-year-old penned and self-published Stuff They Don’t Teach You in School, which is full of curios that he could not use for the puzzling board game.

He has also been asked to compile question for two American editions of Trivial Pursuit. One was on hard rock and the other on the Rolling Stones, which was edited by Bill Wyman, the band’s former bassist.

Brian has also penned his autobiography, In Pursuit of Trivia.

Now he’s putting his quizmaster hat back on to test Herald readers with 20 Christmas crackers. How many can you get right?