Less than 40 per cent of the electorate in North Devon and Torridge turned up and voted in the European Parliament elections.

The United Kingdom went to the polls on Thursday (May 23) to elect 76 MEPs - six of which will represent the South West.

There was a turnout of 39.7 per cent in Torridge, with 21,064 papers verified after the polls closed at 10pm.

The turnout in North Devon was 38.06 per cent, with 28,846 ballots issued.

Both were higher than the 2014 European Parliament elections, where 36.76 per cent turned out in North Devon and 38.6 per cent did in Torridge.

The results will be announced from 10pm on Sunday night, once all EU nations have voted.

Standing for the South West seats, there are: seven candidates for Change UK; six for Conservative and Unionist Party; two for English Democrats; six for the Green Party; six for the Labour Party; six Liberal Democrats; six for The Brexit Party; six for UKIP and three independent candidates.

The independents are Larch Maxey, Neville Seed and Mothiur Rahman.

If the Brexit process in the UK is completed by June 30, the newly-elected members will not even take up their seats.