Hospital services praised

SIR - An ambulance had to be called out to me in Combe martin while I was on holiday there. Paramedics arrived via a car initially; they were superb, as were the ambulance crew when they arrived.

Considering the vast areas they have to cover, I received attention very quickly, at the sort of level one would expect in the city!

Once at North Devon District Hospital, I was assessed very quickly and, given all of the emergency treatment needed. I was admitted onto the assessment ward, where, early the next morning I was told by a doctor that I had pneumonia and pleurisy, much to my surprise.

I do have quite complex health problems, although they are well managed, because I have a compromised immune system, and, open to PCP pneumonia, I was told that I would be receiving treatment to avoid my getting it. They cannot see many patients with HIV in your area, but, I was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy, never being made to feel any different to any of the other patients.

I was full of admiration and respect for the standard of attention I received while a patient. The standard of patient care could not be improved on; also, the standard of hygiene was very impressive indeed.

One of most people’s gripes as patients in hospital, is the food. Well, I was impressed, it was fresh, hot, and, well served, something very necessary to a patient’s wellbeing and speedy recovery!

Considering how ill I was when admitted, I was full of praise at every level, could you please ensure that this praise is passed on to all of the staff,

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Ken S Wragg,


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