The Gazette joined parish councillor Brad Bunyard on the water to see what has happened to Braunton’s outer flood defences

As the authorities try to work out what happens next with Braunton’s flooded Horsey Island, the Gazette went on a tour to see the extent of the problem for ourselves.

Reporter Tony Gussin was invited out at high tide by parish councillor Brad Bunyard on his boat to look at the damaged outer bank which has finally given way.

There is now a huge gap in the bank and the freshwater marshland behind is completely inundated every tide.

Brad said: “It’s pretty impressive to see the power of water and the extent of the break down.

“It’s a bit of a change to navigate down the river as there’s a few more currents you have to deal with.

“Hopefully something will get done about it but the issue that it’s private land that makes it a bit more challenging in getting the funds in place to do the work.

“The inner bank was surveyed by the EA last year and there was a few issues found with the inner bank that I believe are being or have been put right.

“The biggest immediate hazard is salt water ingress into the freshwater marshes with the sluice gates getting wedged open by the debris, that’s what happened earlier in the week.”