Hope for rejection

Re the proposed development on Buckleigh Road, Westward Ho! by Wainhomes.

As this is now to be put before the planning committee I would like make the following comments:-

Building houses without providing employment. Is this putting the cart before the horse?

Why cram 132 units on this piece of land? This is an over development. Does Westward Ho! need all these dwellings?

Providing 53 affordable houses will alleviate some housing issues. The Torridge District Local Plan included a need for one-bedroomed units and units for the elderly/disabled but this development will not meet those needs.

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There are 900 empty properties in Torridge; would it not make sense to use these properties for affordable use?

This development will lead to an increase in the number of cars using Buckleigh Road.

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The developers intend to upgrade a small section, however, the remainder of the roads need upgrading as well as improved pedestrian access and new cycle ways. Will cash-strapped Torridge District Council have to fund these much needed improvements?

There needs to be a comprehensive highways solution. There are also several concerns with the current sewer/surface water network; but these issues should have been resolved before going to committee.

This is a green field site outside the development boundary and does not fit with the character of the existing residential area.

Will Westward Ho! benefit from this development? The answer is no.

Overall, the benefits of this development will not outweigh the harm caused to the area. This has been a poorly thought out application and is now being rushed before the planning committee.

We can only hope the planning committee rejects this application.

You will not be able to speak at the planning meeting but please show your support by attending on October 3 at Bideford Town Hall, at 9.30am.

Shirley Edwards

Westward Ho!

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