Road safety organisers are seeking to recruit 25 North Devon and Torridge driving instructors to help spread the safe driving message to their pupils.

The Northern Devon Road Safety Forum in partnership with Torridge and North Devon Community Safety Partnership is paying to supply The Honest Truth road safety campaign materials to approved driving instructors.

The selected 25 will also receive free membership to The Honest Truth for a year.

The campaign seeks to change bad driving habits such as not wearing seat belts of using mobile phones, to help reduce the numbers of those killed or injured on the region's roads.

Organisers say instructors provide a unique opportunity to reach every new driver at a key point in their driving career, when they are still in the learning frame of mind and receptive to new information.

Those instructors who join The Honest Truth will receive online training and resources which will be handed out at a training and delivery evening hosted by The Honest Truth and partners.

If you are a driving instructor and would like to get involved, email or visit