South West Water has been working ‘around the clock’ for 72 hours to restore water supplies to areas of North Devon.

Bradworthy, Kilkhampton, Woolfardisworthy and Hartland areas were all left without water over the weekend.

Most households lost water supply on Saturday morning but it is understood some have been without water since Thursday.

Customer services manager Jo Ecroyd said: “Our teams based in North Devon will be tackling this repair work throughout Sunday night to restore the water supply.

“Customers will start to see the water supply returning from the early hours of Monday and the supply will continue to be restored to affected areas throughout the day.

“We advise parents to check with schools locally tomorrow to establish if their schools have had their water supplies restored, enabling them to open.”

Alternative water supplies have been provided at locations in the Bradworthy, Kilkhampton, Woolfardisworthy and Hartland during the interruption to supply.

These are located in the following places:

The Village Square – Bradworthy

North Close Green – Kilkhampton

The Square Parking (War Memorial) Kilkhampton

Allhalllows Church, Woolfardisworthy

The Square (War Memorial) Hartland

As South West Water locates and undertakes repair work, water supplies may be interrupted.

Where customers are out of water for significant periods because of bursts on our network, SWW is contacting customers who it is aware need water for medical conditions and arranging to deliver bottled water where possible.

Jo added: “We would also like to ask customers to check their own pipe work for leaks or if their outside taps may have been left running by the freezing conditions.”

If you need to report a burst main or leaking pipe outside your home, call South West Water on 0344 346 2020.