Blocked drain blamed for regular flooding at Braunton Road side of Taw Bridge

Highway engineers say they have a plan to prevent further flooding on the Taw Bridge in Barnstaple.

The bridge was temporarily closed on Sunday morning after heavy rain caused flooding on the Braunton Road side of the bridge.

Barnstaple Devon County Councillor Brian Greenslade said: "Thank goodness this was a Sunday when traffic volumes are much lower; one can imagine the congestion on a working day, especially during school term time.

"I have reported this issue a number of times now but it still persists as a problem during heavy rainfall when in the early days after the opening of the Western Bypass it was not an issue.

"It seems to me that there is something wrong with the drainage system which needs sorting before we come to the inclement autumn/winter weather."

The county council said it was aware of the problem, caused by an undersized discharge point that is prone to silting up with debris.

It said while some minor clearance works had taken place, the entire drainage system to the top of the bridge needed clearing.

The work was scheduled to take place earlier in the year, but was cancelled due to high daytime traffic levels.

The council said it would also be reviewing a 'small low cost scheme to improve the overall drainage system'.