‘Super dog’ Boris raised the alarm when his owner Liz, 68, suffered a stroke, saving her life.

A jackapoo dog has been hailed a hero after raising the alarm when his owner suffered a stroke.

Westleigh Inn owner David Harris returned home from an errand to find Boris the dog making ‘an almighty commotion’.

David didn’t know it at the time, but his wife Liz – who he had spoken to on the phone only 20 minutes earlier – had collapsed on the bedroom floor.

“Boris was barking at me like crazy and biting at my trouser legs trying to drag me towards the stairs,” David told the Gazette.

It wasn’t his usual bark. He was frantic – something was wrong.”

David let Boris lead him upstairs where he stood barking outside the bedroom door. It was then he discovered Liz on the floor.

“Because I had only spoken to her earlier, and Boris raised the alarm so quickly, I was able to help the paramedics pinpoint when the stroke happened,” said David.

“Luckily, because of Boris, Liz is expected to make a full recovery.”

Liz had to spend several days in hospital, but David was able to get permission for the two-and-a-half-year-old dog to pay her a visit.

“It was lovely for everyone on the ward – seeing Boris just made their faces light up,” he said.

Now back at home, Liz, 68, is being kept under the watchful eye of her four-legged friend, who is never far from her side.

“He is my hero,” she said. “It could have been much worse if it weren’t for Boris.”

The couple, who married in October 2013 before buying the Westleigh Inn a year ago, wanted to thank the staff on the ward for their help, as well as their locals for their cards, flowers and support.

Boris, meanwhile, is enjoying lots of extra cuddles and walks.