Two North Devon archeologists have uncovered hidden historical sites around the region in a brand new book.

Discover Stone-Age civilisations and Norman castles among the historical North Devon sites unearthed in a new heritage handbook.

Two members of North Devon’s Archaeological Society have co-authored a new book, The Heritage Handbook, an A-Z guide to the archaeology and landscape history of North Devon.

Geologist John Bradbeer came up with the idea for the book, and together with archaeologist friend Terry Green compiled it over a period of three years.

The handbook is a comprehensive guide to sites all the way from the Stone Age up to World War Two.

The book features sites such as Voley Castle, an embanked enclosure near Parracombe, which probably dates back to the Iron Age.

Such ‘enclosures’ are thought to have been used either to defend a homestead from wild animal or enemy attack, or in order to mark off territory and to reinforce group identity.

More modern sites explored within the book include the Rolle Canal, built by James Green in 1827. Running from the River Torridge at Annery Sea-locks near Bideford to Torrington, this canal enjoyed only a brief heyday, as it was cleared in 1871 to make way for the railroad.

Both authors stressed the importance of the book providing a sense of local identity, with Terry saying: “It can only be a good thing to have a sense of place and a sense of where you belong and how you got there.”

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