Help save Town club

I am writing to draw your attention to severe circumstances at Barnstaple Town Football Club.

I attended a packed meeting at the club on Thursday evening and the sheer seriousness of the situation was fully conveyed.

Unless the people of Barnstaple rally around this club, it will cease to be in the next few weeks, with no prospect of even seeing out the season.

For far too long the town and the football club has been drifting apart, with the town’s people taking for granted that the club will always drift on from year to year.

The point of no return has now been reached.If the club were to fold, another part of what makes Barnstaple so unique will be lost.

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It is evident with the closure of many local businesses including Shapland and Petter, that the essence of Barnstaple is being slowly eroded.

We now need the silent majority to be heard; can you prevent another part of Barnstaple’s heritage from disappearing?

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The club needs your help, both financially and organisationally. If you work for a local business or indeed a regional or national company, can you please check if there is any capacity within your company to support the club?

In terms of voluntary help the club is also in need of new blood, people who have ideas to take the club forward in these difficult times.

We also need people to help out on the essential tasks of running a club on match days.

Barnstaple Town will cease to be if the town does not help it.

Lee Smith, Barnstaple

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