Dog of the Week: A tale of hardship from K9 Focus about a friendly ‘old fella’ who is just looking for kindness.

Help Hooch find a home.Help Hooch find a home.

Please help Hooch! So far he has had a miserable existence and was around eight-years-old when K9 Focus picked him up.

He had been repeatedly kicked in his old life, and was in constant pain, from wounds that had not been treated. He also had a painful and debilitating eye condition.

Despite all this Hooch is a lovely friendly boy who just loves fuss and attention. He loves to play especially now he is feeling better and is quite lively for an ‘old fella’.

“Hooch may not be the most handsome boy but we think he deserves the best and so we are waiting for someone who can give him some extra special loving to make up for the hard times he has endured from humans so far. Are you that person?” asked Lynne Hall at K9 Focus.

Call Lynne on 07971 461806 if you can help. Hooch will need to go to an adult only home due to his size and strength